Has anyone been published?

I’ve kicked around the idea of writing a cookbook for years but the problem lies in the fact that I never measure when cooking. I just toss things together and it turns out! A friend of mine suggested I aim for a rustic type cookbook and I am to the point now of collecting my recipes to get going on this…

How on earth does one go about getting a book (specifically, a cookbook) published?

As most of you know I blog on a regular basis and make a MINOR amount of money doing so

Many on these lists do the same thing. I already have several blogs that you can link to from the listing in my signature any given email. However, I am thinking about starting yet another one that I think would be fun to do, but I’m having trouble with coming up with a name for it. Plus I wonder if it would interesting to anyone but me.
Here’s what I’m thinking about including in it.
1.Silent languages, such as the language of flowers, fans, pockets, fruits and veggies and such of by gone eras.
2.Where sayings like “Hither and yon” came from, and what they truly mean.
3.The changing meaning of words, we all know the obvious ones, but others you might be amazed at the original meaning on certain words and terms.
4.Some word origins.
5.Why certain customs, words, and attire developed—example a chatelaine
These are subjects I am interested in and wondered if others might be too. So what do you think? Would you be interested, and if so what should I name the blog?

Breaking the debt disease in the family

Yesterday was an amazing day for me and my son. He is 23 and has been racking up student loan debt against my advice for years now. I had tried to teach him what I learned in Daves teachings before, but I guess we all got to hit a “bottom” and learn on our own. Well yesterday he came to me with all his bills written out, with due dates and amounts. He asked me to help him figure out a plan to deal with them. This may not sound like much to anybody but me, but it was HUGE for him to ask for help, esp from me. He always acts like he knows it all and to come and ask how to do a budget and do the four walls, well, my heart is so happy. We never know whom we influence with our changed behaviours and when or if it will take effect. He always looked to his god parents for advice before, because they are the illusion of sucess. Big house, big toys, shiny objects, flamboyant lifestyle. Looks good on the outside, but drowning in debt and stress on the inside. He is recognizing my path as the saner, more stable approach. Sadly it was their advice that got him into student debt. I cautioned against it, and because daughter listened to me she has gone to tech school for 3 years and has 0 student debt. We all got our crosses to bear. I hope to be able to helo him with his. And I learned it all here..

I know it wasn’t Disney who was doing this, people who choose to exploit their disability for profit are doing this

I have been there during Christmas when the lines were horrendous in some instances and while i don’t mind people and their families legitimately bypassing the line, I have a problem with thinking in the back of my head the disabled person has sold their ailment to the highest bidder for the privilege of cutting the line.
While I guess I knew that people would exploit anything, this instance just didn’t come to mind until I read the article.