Lets see..

tomorrow I am setting up a table at Strawberry Days selling off tons of clutter .. this will go into some of the various envelopes we have depleted… then having MIL up for homemade pizza and fresh strawberries for her mother’s day gift…
Sunday rumor has it our oldest is smoking a pork loin and the gang will all tell me what a great mom I am and they can cross that off the list for a year ( just kidding… I know they love me.. but they are guys!)
Then dh , youngest ds and I will try and work through this issue of him going to a private vs public college in the fall to finish his degree.. the good part is he finished his first two years at the local community college so he is going in as a junior… bad news is… there is like a 15000 dollar difference in the price

Make that 20 half pints

Ds just informed me he took a half pint with him to work today for lunch before I got up! LOL! So for about $4.-$4.50 I made roughly $20-$25 worth of yogurt compared to if you purchased it at the grocery. Now that is a way to feed the gazelle!