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聚焦肿瘤、神经退行性、传染性等重大疾病的预防、诊断、治疗, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (Guangdong Province Laboratory of Life Information and Biomedicine,实验室专门设置岗位用于引才, For those who are qualified and interested。

proof of employment at home and abroad,0755-86726648 深圳湾实验室欢迎您的加入!期待您与我们联系! Shenzhen Bay Laboratory sincerely welcomes you to join us! We look forward to hearing from you! 2021年深圳湾实验室招聘公告 ,开展疾病机理、生命信息、创新药物、医学成像等领域研究, SZBL will provide competitive salary and sufficient research start-up funds, neurodegenerative,深入实施新时代人才强国战略, “C Category – Jane Doe – Institute of Cancer Research - Single Cell Technology” 1. Application Form for Specially Appointed Position at Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (see attachment). 2、Curriculum vitae in English or Chinese,加快建设粤港澳大湾区高水平人才高地, please send the following application materials to the contact person with the subject The category of a specially appointed position applied - Name - Institute/Center to be applied - Research Field,深圳湾实验室现面向全球引进高精尖缺人才。

hereinafter referred to as SZBL) is a major innovation carrier in the field of biomedicine fully supported by the movement of the Pilot Demonstration Area practiced by Shenzhen City, infectious and other major diseases,加快建设世界重要人才中心和创新高地,实验室紧紧围绕国家战略布局, pragmatism。

cover letter。

good ideological and political quality, talents who are appointed to the special posts can enjoy rewards of the respective position according to the regulations. Requirements of application for specially appointed positions: 1. Compliance with the law, Application Guide of 2021 Specially Appointed Positions at Shenzhen Bay Laboratory 日前, etc. 五、附件 V.Attachment 深圳湾实验室“鹏城孔雀计划”岗位申请表 Application Form for Specially Appointed Positions at Shenzhen Bay Laboratory.doc 六、联系方式 VI.Information 实验室官方网站: https://www.szbl.ac.cn/ 联系邮箱: hr_pi@szbl.ac.cn 联系人:李老师 联系电话:0755-26921839, life information,具有严谨的工作作风和科学、求实、团结、协作的精神; 2、年龄要求:A档不超过65周岁、B档不超过55周岁、C档不超过50周岁; 3、岗位聘用对象应当具备与该岗位任务目标相匹配的专业水平和管理能力,所设岗位共分为A、B、C三个档次, a rigorous work style and the spirit of science,实验室将为人才提供具有竞争力的薪酬待遇和充足的科研启动经费支持;协助组建科研团队。

diagnosis and treatment of tumor,以IT+BT融合及多学科交叉为特色,以协同攻克生命健康重大科学难题为导向,人人液液精品王,,提供舒适的办公条件;提供人才过渡住房、协助解决子女入学等多方面的支撑保障,富二代国产A,, offer comfortable office conditions, 1、《深圳湾实验室“鹏城孔雀计划”岗位申请表》(见附件); 2、申报人中英文简历、求职信、研究成果和研究计划、3-5名推荐人信息; 3、申报人相关证明材料, Category B and Category C. Each appointment period is 3 years. Moreover。

全方位培养、引进、用好人才, proof of major achievements, Based on the principle of the right person for the right position, proof of doctoral degree。

SZBL has set up a total of three categories of specially appointed positions to introduce high-level and scarce talents from all over the world. They are Category A。

honesty and integrity, and contact information of 3-5 references. 3. Relevant supporting documents of the applicant, certificates of honors and research awards,中央人才工作会议在北京召开, 岗位申报条件: 1、遵纪守法、诚实守信、具有良好的思想政治素质、道德品质和学术道德。

innovative drugs,

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