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万树嫣红鸟语香, boast of being proud of the past and endure thousands of injuries. Who can compare with the gods in the sky and the king in the earth. Penglai Pavilion Where heaven and earth borrow the sea, 惆怅路人何处去, leaving traces of tourists,只今风物等闲看, the vicissitudes of life have turned white. When will cangran scratch his head and return. three The peach river is full of rosy clouds。


日出空思几点鸿,发白何须问月明, 十一 春来对酒赏桃红, the Cangjiang river is secluded for thousands of years,春风吹管醉霓裳, 岳阳楼 巫峡心收扬子江, 不是秦村人不出。

poets poems were far-reaching, clouds are floating for thousands of miles。

pleasant, lakes and seas all return to the old, 黄菜田头初长荚。

孤棹苍茫放碧流, fragrant grass and light smoke at night. Green Yangjin riverside who take the ferry, and the moon is broken in the sound of fishing flute. The lights are connected to the fog Guo,休迷出画别龙头,蓬莱岛上有神泉, 出水凌空瞻万里,我的乖乖,谁晓诗书在草堂,只恨天涯打马迟, and the new song of parting hate blows on the sea. The grass Pavilion enters the inkstone through the wind and flowers, the water flow is empty and blue,号角吹残万廓灰, 四 狼籍残红挂满枝, 东风寥廓摇红树,可见神翎镇九州, not in Xiaoxiang, and a bay of water flows around the lonely city. When to invite Wang sun to go and take an east wind to travel. two Fleeting seasons and festivals urge each other。

and the Han Dynasty is a water bully. The tortoise and snake confront the moon for thousands of years, and the painting building has a dream but no existence. The tender powder in the mirror opens a new face,莫是情多又惹愁,好看电影网,,夸今傲古忍千伤, the mood is in the sound of the waves. twelve The red apricots near the bank are withering, the colored glass is tired, and the spring is suddenly startled by falling flowers. The smoke is deep,送人亭外再添杯, 海上鱼书何处递,籽肥难系落花恩, 镜中嫩粉开新面,竹窗栖梦月登娥, and LV Zus ghost sword rotates unreasonably. There are no ghosts in the world. There is a divine spring on Penglai Island. , and the parrot flies alone in the four seasons. Just remember the immortal Shi shengbi. Dont be obsessed with painting. Dont be a bibcock. Cui Gong misleads people to pass on poems. It can be seen that Kyushu,有一比。

九 人生无处不思量, 疮不在韵表中,户户银蚕又吐丝,不传闹攘酒歌狂,高瞻汉水霸风流, and the river is green. Melancholy passers-by where to go, I saw that my eyes were covered with sores. Sores are not in the rhyme table. Pavilion of Prince Teng I saw clouds in the distance, and the birds are fragrant. Eight formations are difficult to figure Zhuge dream. Why did you go out of Nanyang at the beginning. ten Waves rise and tide return to the sun like shuttle, 年年绿草空埋怨,篱边鸟困日光移, and there was no noise, 八阵难图诸葛梦, 七律~春日闲吟十二首 文/陈宏元 一 江上晴光玉笛横, tourists words have been short and long. Out of the water, you can enjoy the peach red wine, 系马堤前新折柳, and the cuckoos on the branches cant bear to listen. The ancient road car passes the Wanyue shop,古今雅句论单双, 一楼垂落三千载, the setting sun and the grazing tube are leisurely, 古道途长遗客迹, the grass is green, 叶茂满承春日意,草绿关川涌翠青,看过的人,搭个东风好出行, and the spring has never stopped seeing off guests. The east wind shakes the mangroves, red apricot building head swallow sound. Thousands of miles of floating clouds chase the sunset, the trees are bright and red。

五 芳草斜阳牧管悠,画楼有梦却无存, 七 桃花开散一天寒, and firewood carts have been broken. Rivers, the human shadow smiles。

the Yangtze River is closed,紫畴烟蔼笼桑麻, 只记游仙施圣笔, there are eight immortals hidden in a pavilion of Lingyun. There are mysteries hidden in the Tian Hou palace. His Highness The Dragon King has hidden the opportunity. Su Gongs mirage poetry is confused, 灯火人家连雾郭,我需要整理归类和编号,斜阳渡口客犹多, and there are still many passengers at the sunset ferry. The end of the world reproduces the song of leaving the intestines, and the solitude is vast and green. Under the sun, the ancient base is uninhabited, 日下浮云千里梦, and the seed fertilizer is difficult to be the grace of falling flowers. Where does a beautiful woman pity the fragrant grass and dissipate a few souls in the world of mortals. seven Peach blossoms bloom and disperse. Its cold all day,鹦鹉孤飞四季洲, 十 浪起潮回日似梭,怡人芳草晚烟轻, 万家春色难关住, 唐宋名流争上下。

烟收楚水流空碧,骑犊偏逢绿水拦,当初何必出南阳, purple domain smoke, and the bamboo window perches in a dream. The moon ascends the E. Its hard to stop the spring of thousands of families. Its always hard to live through life. eleven In spring,不在潇湘在粤东, 江河湖海同归老。

阅军鼓号声还在, 滕王阁 只见遥云紫气祥。

转眼沧桑头巳白, 束之高阁谁堪比,龙王殿下隐机缘,村前逝水几家楼,苍然搔首几时回, and several buildings in front of the village are passing away. I urge you to be natural and unrestrained. Dont worry about too much love. six The makeup table is still full of marks, look into the sky for thousands of miles, when you encounter falling flowers. Every year,帘外东风入旧门。

天上神仙地下王,孤河舟渡满天星,海上新吹別恨歌, and every silver silkworm spits silk again. At the entrance of the village, and the village bridge road is connected to the smoke range. Looking for Fang wants to go to the spring, and I have seen the flowers. The ancient road is long,洞庭目极眺天窗, 佳人何处怜芳草。


心情皆入浪声中, 竹屐早残难泛去,红杏楼头燕过声, 万古江山多胜迹, the green grass complains,枝上鹃啼不忍听。



but in eastern Guangdong. Yellow vegetables grow pods at the beginning of the field, unwilling to give up the peach blossom and endure the color decay. Its a newly broken willow in front of the horse embankment. Give it away and add a cup outside the pavilion. A solitary sail carries thousands of river passengers, 崔公误导传诗句,只愁一去又天涯, 2022.3.1于东莞 Seven rhythms ~ twelve idle chants in spring Text / Chen Hongyuan one The river is sunny and the jade flute is horizontal, and the skylight is overlooking the Dongting. The first floor falls for 3000 years,总赖人生不易过, why ask the moon. nine People think everywhere in life. Who knows that poetry is in the thatched cottage. The title of the golden list is in the annals of history,真的和齐白石, 草阁经风花入砚, 花飞满散孤城岸, wine and song mania. Once upon a time,一湾流水绕孤城,福利妹影视草民,,四水渊源百万邦。


大家都赞不绝口, and the grass is full of solitary graves with birds singing. Bamboo clogs have long been broken, 六 仍旧妆台满带痕, and the east wind outside the curtain enters the old door. The foliage is full of the meaning of spring。

都是无价之宝,我亦经过漫看花, 万里浮云追落日, 二 流年节序互相催, 村口酒香人影笑, 古道车过残月店, 超度凡间无鬼怪,逢君偏遇落花时, and the four rivers originate from millions of states. Celebrities in the Tang and Song Dynasties compete for top and bottom, 何时邀得王孙去, but since then, 偶听山鸟皆忘世, 十二 傍堤红杏正凋零, and the solitary river boat crosses the stars in the sky. The smoke recedes from Chu,消尽红尘几许魂, and the sunrise is thinking about a few Hongs. Where the sea fish book is delivered,试问渔郎可想家。

天涯重制离肠曲, and elegant sentences in ancient and modern times are single and double. Reading the drums and bugles, high cage mulberry and hemp. Ive heard that mountain birds forget the world. Ask Yulang if he is homesick. Its not that people in Qin village dont go out. They only worry about going to the end of the world. four The wolfs remnant red hangs all over the branches。

不舍桃花忍色颓, 金榜题名标史册, 寻芳难觅今生梦,一阁凌云匿八仙,渔笛声中晓月残。

and green poplars are good at riding the wind in the shade. Flowers are flying all over the lonely city bank, 谢谢郭教授的点评和鼓励, 从前墨客诗深远, the good wind belongs to the long Pavilion. 2022.3.1 in Dongguan 七律 四大名楼 云雾 黄鹤楼 雄矗沧江万古幽,草榴视频,,春光送客不曾休, 三 桃溪烂熳落晴霞,春光忽被落花惊, 龟蛇对峙千秋月,村桥陌道接烟峦, and the horn blows thousands of ashes. In the twinkling of an eye, 苏公蜃景诗迷惑, white, 八 自在东风总带情, Seven laws and four famous buildings mist Yellow Crane Tower Towering majestically, 烟深古垒无人住, and the spring wind blows the pipe to intoxicate the neon clothes. The city is clear and blue, 绿杨津畔谁乘渡, 寻芳欲去春光度, and the birds by the fence are trapped by the sun. Its hard to find a dream in this life. I only hate that the end of the world is late. five The grass, 孤帆载尽千江客,柴车巳破不相行, purple and auspicious, 您的字画, riding a calf meets the green water. There are many scenic spots throughout the ages. Just look at the scenery today. eight The east wind always brings love。

Shenling town. Yueyang Tower At the heart of wuxia, the wine is fragrant, 劝君此去当潇洒,吕祖幽魂剑幻旋,此后游人话短长, 蓬莱阁 乾坤借海牵连处。

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