Breaking the debt disease in the family

Yesterday was an amazing day for me and my son. He is 23 and has been racking up student loan debt against my advice for years now. I had tried to teach him what I learned in Daves teachings before, but I guess we all got to hit a “bottom” and learn on our own. Well yesterday he came to me with all his bills written out, with due dates and amounts. He asked me to help him figure out a plan to deal with them. This may not sound like much to anybody but me, but it was HUGE for him to ask for help, esp from me. He always acts like he knows it all and to come and ask how to do a budget and do the four walls, well, my heart is so happy. We never know whom we influence with our changed behaviours and when or if it will take effect. He always looked to his god parents for advice before, because they are the illusion of sucess. Big house, big toys, shiny objects, flamboyant lifestyle. Looks good on the outside, but drowning in debt and stress on the inside. He is recognizing my path as the saner, more stable approach. Sadly it was their advice that got him into student debt. I cautioned against it, and because daughter listened to me she has gone to tech school for 3 years and has 0 student debt. We all got our crosses to bear. I hope to be able to helo him with his. And I learned it all here..