Same day payday loans – fast access to cash in UK

Sometimes if you need a fast cash advance, you need it fast! A product does exist that may be able to help – it’s called a quick cash loans. It may even be possible to obtain same day payday loans.

Payday loans – a flexible facility

If you’re thinking of buying a car or a house, then the sums are so large that you may be willing to fill out lots of paperwork and wait for lengthy periods for the lenders to review and reach a decision.

In the case where you need fast access to smaller amounts of cash and for a short period, such an approach may not work.

As an example, perhaps you’ve just been given the opportunity to purchase something at a snip but you’re still three weeks away from your payday and the seller just won’t wait. Or maybe your pet cat has had an accident and his vet’s bill is huge. What you need in that sort of situation is fast access to cash without lots of administration and delays.

The payday loan may offer just that. You can typically apply online and get a fast decision. If that decision is positive, the loan will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Same day payday loans

In the UK some banks may be able to accept immediate bank transfers. If that’s the case your cash advance loan could be in your bank account the same day (often within two hours, depending on who your payday loan company is) but typically it will arrive within a day or so depending upon weekends etc.


As the loan will be paid into your account, clearly you’ll need an active UK bank account. You’ll need to be resident at a permanent UK address and in permanent employment that generates a regular wage or salary. You’ll also need to be over 18 years of age.

Paying back

One of the real attractions of the payday loan is that you don’t have an extended period of debt. The lender will simply debit your bank account on your next payday to recover the loan plus their interest and other charges – at that point, the loan is over and you’ve no residual debt!

Applying for same day payday loans is easy and they may prove a lifeline if you’re having a difficult month.