Get Kidkraft Kitchen Set for Your Kids as a Gift

As we know, kids love to know what their parents are doing in kitchen. They look the cooking activity to be an attractive thing to do. Seeing how adults cut the veggies, mince the onion or garlic, heat the stove, boil something, and others can be very attractive indeed. It looks like a fun thing that can be done by anyone. In fact, let them get closer to kitchen. However, it is not easy to persuade them playing other things outside the kitchen. Fortunately, Kidkraft kitchen is an answer for that. This company provides a kitchen set that is not dangerous at all. Now, let’s get to know more.

kidkraft kitchen awesome design with purple color  matching with wall and floor

Knowing Further about the Kidkraft Kitchen Set

For your information, Kidkraft kitchen is a life-like kitchen set that’s made for kids. One good thing from this, the materials used to make the set is very durable. It is claimed to be very strong even though the kids play with rigors. Yet, do not break it in purpose to check whether it is really durable or not. Many kids love this one since they can use it like the real ones. Before making any purchase, let’s get to know it further.

First, Kidkraft kitchen is a great play kitchen. The toys should not be doubted anymore since it is made by a company that is well-known for creating children’s furniture and toys. Regarding the toy itself, if you make a purchase, the kitchen set will be sent in parts. It means you build the set on your own. Do not need to worry about that matter since it comes with clear instructions. Inside the package, you will find the allen wrench as the great idea.

kidkraft kitchen blue grey color white wall and clock

In addition, once laid all the pieces on the table, it can be seen that the parts are numbered. Again, the bolts and nails are lettered. As there is an instruction, it is made in diagrams. The ways on how to build the Kidkraft kitchen are presented in diagrams. There is no text at all in the instruction, so try to understand the diagrams very well. It will be not difficult actually if you follow it properly. One person is enough to build the set, but it needs four or more hours. You can ask for a help about it.

Furthermore, the faucet is actually not metal. It is just plastic that is painted to be chromatic paint. Then, the backsplash of the kitchen is not made from plastic. It is printed paper. As a solid wood play, Kidkraft kitchen set is available in various set that can be purchased. Some products are uptown elite espresso, vintage play kitchen, uptown pastel play kitchen, large pastel kitchen, and others.

kidkraft kitchen best ideas with new material and save for your children

Separately, they also sell additional accessories, such as espresso toaster set, pizza play set, pastel coffee set, and the list still goes on. This Kidkraft kitchen set is very interesting, right? Last but not least, the play kitchen comes in various styles that can be matched with your kid’s preference.

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