Our youngest daughter was granted a wish from Make A Wish Foundation

and our entire family was given a trip with us her. From a Limo picking her up, the flights, a van for our use, our stay and of course the time at Disney and Universal, she had major VIP treatment. Accenture sponsored the trip for our family through Make A Wish – just a wee plug for corporate America.

She/we were given special passes and did have special access to rides but these are kids that are either dying or have critical health issues – Disney & Give Kids The World, have a special arrangement to ensure the kids are not standing or sitting for hours on end.

It was embarrassing for us to walk past people standing in line ahead of us but, our daughter physically could not have stood in line for even 45 minutes at that time – we were there at Christmas and it was insane how long the lines were.

Just the thought that someone would abuse a system like that is disgusting.

She is doing amazing right now btw.