The Best Girls Bathroom Ideas for Your Little Princess

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There are many girls bathroom ideas that parents can try. Most little girls these days have a bedroom of their own, and usually inside that room, a bathroom is available as well. To make a little girl feels comfortable taking a bath in her own bathroom, it needs to be well-decorated. If you are planning to decorate this bathroom, here are some of the best ideas you can try.

Let’s to know the Most Iconic Themes for Girls Bathroom Ideas

As we know, numerous themes are available out there to decorate a bathroom for little girl. Most of them revolve around girly themes, like flowers and characters. Here are some of the best ideas that you can try when you plan to decorate a bathroom for little girl.

  1. The stripes theme

Stripes are not for little girls. They are suitable for boys and adults as well in general. However, for little girl’s bathroom, you can use stripes in pink, red, and white colors. Stripes create stylish look and if those stripes are well arranged, the bathroom will look very playful and inviting for her to bath there. That’s why stripes can be one of the best girls bathroom ideas you can choose.

  1. Flower theme

Next, the most popular girls bathroom ideas are definitely flowers. Girls love flowers, especially when they are very colorful. Floral theme is also considered to be refreshing and perfect for bathroom. You can use shower curtain with pretty little flowers printed on it. The floral theme is brought to the bathroom with some waterproof wall stickers and also stenciling.

  1. Shabby Chic theme

Shabby chic is perfect for little girl’s bathroom. This old-age theme looks very unique and dominated by soft and pastel colors. The details look very inviting and your little girl will feel like she has bathroom right in a grand palace. You can achieve this bathroom look by using particular furniture and soft colors, such as pale pink and sky blue.

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  1. Polkadots theme

As an alternative, if you want to choose the whimsical girls bathroom ideas, polka dots are certainly the answer. With all those dots painted on the walls of bathroom, the shower curtain, and around bathroom’s essentials, the bathroom for your little princess is certainly going to look very unique and beautiful.

  1. Cartoon theme

Obviously, cartoon is the best theme for a bathroom designed for small girl. You need to choose your daughter’s favorite cartoon characters and use it as the theme of the bathroom. It is very easy, though, because each cartoon character usually has its own signature colors, look, and even shape. All you need to do is just cleverly bring them all to the bathroom.

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Well, those are some of the finest ideas you can take into consideration when decorating bathroom for little girl. When she has a well-decorated bathroom on her own, there is no way that she will feel uncomfortable there, especially if you choose her favorite theme as girls bathroom ideas.

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